Since conception in 2004 with limited release until 2006 when it was made commercially available, Stiletto has earned its exceptional reputation through its unique design.

Providing customers with optimised efficiency and usability, Stiletto is the only closed seeding system designed and suited to Australian conditions.

Closed Seeding System

Stiletto’s closed seeding system provides customers with the highest standard of seed quality than other seeding systems on the market today. Its unique design optimises germination conditions, protecting the seed from risks such as chemical contamination and mouse holing. Join the Stiletto customers who are experiencing higher yields and lower ‘in field’ costs.


Experience both speed and control with Stiletto’s unique design which allows you to work through the day without interruption. Its specially designed point offers greater sowing speeds and decreased risk of chemical damage leading to higher yield potential.

Better Row Competition

Benefit from the reduction of late germination volunteer weeds, like ryegrass. Stilettos three and four inch split allows seedlings to compete better within the row.

Chemical Damage

Unlike competitors Stiletto’s design promotes even rates of crop growth, whereby the seed is placed under the ground with clean soil on top so the seed is rarely exposed to the elements thus almost eliminating the chance of chemical contamination on all tynes even if Triflurilan is thrown into the row.

Strength And Durability

Our product is one of the strongest on the market our points are drop forged for superior strength and durability and backed up with a 10mm x 50mm tungsten tile and super durable tungsten grit. The wings and fertiliser adapters are cast using only the best mix of alloys for strength and durability.